Art Mishap

Today’s art lesson incorporated teaching the children I educate about color blending techniques. The day before, I asked them to do a take-home assignment which included reading a chapter from their lesson books and answering a few fill-in the blank questions for a grade. The students turned in their assignment page, and it was time to review the learned material with my students. So, I asked them to gather in a circle and sit on the floor with their legs crossed underneath them. I reviewed a few passages from the study book, and the participation based instructionpaint on carpet portion of my class included demonstrations with a color wheel poster. I pointed to two different colors and quizzed them with questions such as: “what color does yellow and blue make?” The children were all raising their hands and wiggling their fingers high in the air as they anxiously waited for me to call upon them for an answer. I explained to them that color blending is like an equation and scooped up some mustard yellow with my paint brush and placed it on to my pallet. I then gathered some navy blue and swirled it with the yellow until a vibrant green appeared. I showed my sweet students the glob of green on my paint pallet.

I was so excited to see that my students passing the objectives I was providing. It was eventually time to let the children practice color blending techniques and methods of applying paint to find different hues. I encouraged them to put their smocks on, take their paints and paintbrushes out of their cubby holes and approach the easels at the opposite end of the classroom. Each easel was prepared with a blank sheet of art paper, cups for water washing and extra brushes of varying size. I gave them creative license to paint anything they wanted, the only condition was they had to incorporate a blended color like green. The children created so many cute images: misshapen frogs on lily pads, their families pictured standing on tall blades of grass, apple trees. The children were content, so I went to my desk to grab my cup of coffee. As I turned around, one of my students was hurriedly approaching and shouted my name, “Ms. B., Ms. B, look at my drawing!” The sweet child was so excited– his painting slipped from his hands which were covered in paint. The imprint of his painting was now on the school’s carpeted floor, and it was completely covered in mucky green. I was only able to remove some of the paint with a soapy towel, so I buzzed the main office and told them what happened.

The art class was coming to an end, so I instructed them to clean up their stations and wash their hands for lunch. Once the room was straightened, my aide walked with them to the school cafeteria.
I received a phone call from the office secretary who informed me that had arrived to clean the carpet. I was so relieved. It took the local company only about forty-five minutes to treat and remove the stain, they also cleaned the remainder of the carpet. It was spotless. When they were finished and packing their equipment, one of the technicians kindly commented that I had some budding artists under my tutelage.

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