Art is Therapeutic

2 Birds on a WireLife can be hard at times, and we have all had our share of stresses and hardships. Today, the most difficult question we ask ourselves is how to find the work/life balance. Aspects of life such as relationships, employment and parenting have their own set of responsibilities and challenges. With these unique needs, stressful times can occur when trying to meet these daily obligations.

There are many ways to seek relief from day to day obstacles that increase stress. Some people blow off steam by exercising, meditating or seeking counseling. One way, in particular, to ease stress is to participate in a creative activity called Art Therapy. This practice is considered a creative outlet of expression and blends the fields of art and psychotherapy. The method may center around the ingenuity process as healing, the study of self expression, or the analysis of benefits gained through a patient and doctor session interaction. In the case of an art therapy session, the doctor provides guidance and interprets the patient’s communicated self-expression. Therapy sessions include cognitive behavioral engagement, roll-play, and ways of finding relief from personal conflict. The activity also yields promotion of personal growth.

Art Therapy is just one example of finding stress-relief and promotion of self. While beneficial, the engagement can often be seen as a last resource if stress is overwhelming. You do not have to participate in Art-Therapy to find many of the benefits of alleviating worry. Sometimes, stress relief can be easily found by picking up a paint brush and finding a blank piece of paper. Art in itself can be an easy hobby to acquire. While the outlet can be expensive, the practitioner has many mediums to choose from–including painting, lettering and sculpting. One does not have to have talent. A current and popular trend for anxiety and stress relief is adult coloring books. Many of the pages are filled with pastoral settings, and the artist can use his or her imagination to find the appropriate color scheme with which to create a full landscape. The human landscape in which we live is often internal and external; why not keep it colorful and composed with the therapeutic relief of creating art?