Graphic Design

My family and I enjoy getting together a few times a month. Sometimes, we invite our friends and neighbors to the events-as we often like to keep the gathering social and fun. The plan was to gather with my loved ones at a restaurant later that night after I finished working. Unfortunately, nothing was going according to plan earlier that morning. A few mishaps occurred at the drawing board, the technology company my graphic design firm uses installed the wrong software update on my computer, and I ended up working late that day to finish some sketches. I made a point to say, “goodnight” to my colleagues as they left for the weekend. I finally reached a stopping point for the day, was turning off my office lamp and, as I was leaving, my boss called me in to his office. I told him that I was running late to meet my family, and he promised that this meeting would only take a few minutes. My manager told me he was pleased with my portfolio of graphic designs. He took notice of my visual and textual techniques .

He said my work ethic as a junior level employee was excellent. He let me know that I was being promoted to a senior designer starting next month. I was thrilled. Despite the mishaps from today, my overall attention to detail was noticed. He said this position would require some additional training. My boss told me he was assembling a team that would be required to travel to Birmingham, AL and he wanted me to co-lead. With this promotion, part of my task would be to design the new logo for a commercial company. I thanked my boss for the wonderful opportunity and told him I was up for the challenge.

Now it was time to relax, I day dreamed about my favorite spot to relax is maybe not the safest of spots – “my roof”.  I can climb out the low set window upstairs and sit with back against the dormer.  The roof is so much safer than it used to be since I have a friend who is the best dude ever.  So I sit secure as I watch and feel the wind blow in.  All is good in the world.

But in typical Smith’ Family fashion, they had already cracked open a bottle of bubbly by the time I had arrived at the venue later that evening. I exchanged hugs and excitedly told them to pour a glass for me. After a long and exciting day at work, it was time to celebrate.